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A kind reminder: You are running out of time.

I will not tell you anything new in this article. I couldn’t if I wanted to, in a three minute-read. My intention is, rather to remind you of something.

The one person is a millionaire. Screw that. He’s a billionaire. No, no, he’s more than that. He’s a gazillionaire. He has access to anything that money can buy: he can snap his fingers and have a brand new Ferrari delivered in the garage of his uber-luxurious, hundred-bedroom chateau. He enjoys his cup of copi-luac coffee, under the original Da Vinci he recently bought.

The other person is a much simpler man. He works in a job or his own business, owns a mid-budget-range car, purchased from a car dealership. He enjoys his cup o’ joe in the kitchen, reading through the paper, or going through the long list of e-mails that he received over the night.

Ceteris paribus, who would you rather be?

If you are being honest, you will select the first. Having anything that money can buy, not having to face the daily struggle, escape the rat-race.

Now, let me add some data to the question. The first one is ninety years old. The second one is twenty.

Now, who would you rather be?

The former is running out of time, the latter has it in ample quantity.

I know, if I were presented with this option, I would switch my decision. You see, time is the one thing you cannot get more of. Your day has twenty four hours. So does everybody else’s. You may be rich, you may be poor. You may be happy, you may be sad. You may be inspired or depressed.

The clock is always ticking.

Another second passes. You are running out of time. Again, so is everybody else.

Look at the clock. You are being deceived. Time does not run in circles. It runs in straight lines. Each tick is not another 1/60th of an ever repeating circle. It is another step forward, towards the end, towards your end. Meditate on time’s passage. Do you think you have much left?

Feel the rush yet?

Of course, I’m not advising you to run amok. Don’t strip your clothes and get to running and shouting on the streets.

I’m advising you to do what you KNOW you should be doing.

Do not spend any more time crying over the spilled milk of your childhood. What’s gone is gone, it’s time to move forward.

Do not spend any more time focusing on irrelevant things. If something impedes you, or does not help you achieve your own goals, you don’t have the time for it.

Do not overthink. Set yourself a goal, then jump in and get it.

Do not dedicate any time to people who do not fit in the frame of your goals. Liberate yourself.

You have work to do, and you’re already late.