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You are not the hammer

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A hammer was made to hit nails into walls.

A shovel was made to dig dirt out.

A trowel was made to spread concrete between the bricks.

The hammer, the shovel, the trowel are all tools you need to build a home. The nails, the dirt, the concrete, are all materials you need to build said home.

The hammer, the shovel and the trowel are your mind. The nails, the dirt, the concrete, they are your environment. Some make the mistake of identifying with the tool, and most make the mistake of identifying with their environment. Guess what, you are neither. You are the wielder, the digger, and the mason all at the same time; to put it more generally, you are the architect of your own home.

The mind is a means to an end. The rational faculties are not useful unless they are aimed towards a specific direction, and much like a hammer, they can be applied to either bring two beams together, or two smite them until they crack. Reason alone does not carry intent; rather, Intent is the master who commands and channels the powers where it sees fit. When you follow stale Reason, you are like the fabled man with the hammer: everything may seem like a nail.

When this happens, you will feel satisfied with running around and hammering stuff all day long. In the end, however, when you fall to the ground exasperated, you may realize that you have made nothing similar to a home. You will have wreaked destruction and chaos with no benefit to show for all your exhaustion. The tool, then, has overtaken you, possessing you like a wild spirit that merges the Intent and Reason into a single anomaly of an entity.

If, however, the goal is to craft yourself a home, and by that I mean some sanctuary of sorts for your soul, you will have to bend and break Reason in all sorts of different ways. You will have to apply it so as to move the dirt, to lay the brickwork and to hammer the nails. Your Reason must stay flexible.

At the same time, your Intent has to be clear for Reason to function properly. You can decide anything you want. You can make mud huts here and there, moving with the passage of the seasons; your Reason will have to adapt to understand the signs of the weather and the cycles of the Environment. Or, you can decide to build a huge, luxurious mansion complete with all the comforts that you can enjoy; your Reason will adapt to understand what makes stable groundwork and robustness against the elements. You can decide anything. Still, you have to decide something. Your Intent must stay resilient.

You are not the hammer, nor are you the nail.

You are not the shovel, nor are you the dirt.

You are not the trowel, nor are you the concrete.

You are the force that moves all these. Understand this, and you will be limitless.